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Tanis Chalopin


Tanis Chalopin was born in Paris, France.  A true global citizen of mixed ancestry, Tanis grew up in six countries, spanning three continents, and she speaks four languages.  Her highly creative and eccentric parents exposed her to scenic wonders and rich world cultures, all of which inspired her passion for photography and storytelling. Tanis perceives a world that, at its core, is borderless, where cultures flow from one to another, and where beauty is expressed through art and music.  As an impassioned composer, producer, and songwriter, she delicately weaves together images, words, and emotions to create universal connections.

At age 14, Tanis composed the main themes of the Disney Asia film “Trail of the Panda”.  Tanis graduated from the Steinhardt College of New York University in Music and Film Scoring and she is the proud recipient of the prestigious Elmer Bernstein Award, and the Richard Hirsch Memorial award for outstanding academic achievement.  In 2017, she founded her own company, TXC Entertainment.  Tanis composes for film, TV, and advertisements of diverse genres in China, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, UK, France, and the US.

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