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Sandrine Rudaz


Currently based in Stanford, California, Swiss-French composer Sandrine Rudaz creates music for film, video games, and theatre. Recent career honors include a Jerry Goldsmith Award nomination and a Hollywood Music in Media Award. Her work for the animated film Star Bard won Best Orchestration at the 17th Garden State Film Festival.

Sandrine’s other film credits include feature films such as The Shell and Aylesbury Estate, and short films such as the award-winning Kneeling Sheep. Her work for the stage includes the French play Blanc, performed over 25 times in France and Switzerland. In 2018, she was selected to attend the SESAC Workshop with composer John Swihart (How I Met Your Mother).

Her music draws on her European classical piano training and American education to craft stylistically distinct soundscapes; she is at home writing for full orchestra, solo and duo settings, and everything in between. Sandrine holds a Master of Music in Film Composition from the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program, a Bachelor of Arts in Music from the Conservatory of Lausanne in Switzerland, and further studied orchestration at Stanford University.

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