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Marti Amado


Composer/ Arranger/ Producer & Lyricist Marti Amado (Amado Music, LLC) specializes in creating original music for TV, film & advertising and artist production for independent artists.

Marti has spent over 25 years creating music for clients around the globe. Career highlights include placing an original French Gypsy Swing tune, in EA Games “The Saboteur,” set in WW II Paris, and producing a vocal session with The Muppets featuring singing pigs. Marti is frequently called upon for her expertise in Vintage Jazz & Soul. The results include an authentic sounding collection of 30’s and 40s genre original vocal and big band recordings, and a just released Motown inspired 1960’s genre Vintage Pop & Soul vocal record.

Marti’s stylistic strengths include pop vocal songs, quirky humorous music, poignant heartland music, and acoustic genres including orchestral, jazz, classical, bluegrass and Americana roots music. A Midwestern native, and graduate of Northwestern University’s School of Music, she’s jazz and classically trained as a pianist, arranger and singer.

*Coming soon*

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