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Marisa Imon


Marisa Imôn is a singer-songwriter, award-winning composer, author, and voice actor. She is the international bestselling author of the book Super Intense, and host of the unconventional meditation podcast, Incandescent. She has had several of her compositions featured in various meditation apps and services such as Zen, Peace, and Take2Minutes. Her music is inspired by her spiritual practice, issues related to social justice and her life experiences living with bipolar type 1. That, along with her desire to help all life live well, and well expressed, fuels her to create her uniquely meditative and folk-pop musical compositions.

Although Marisa was born with a passion for music, she pursued education in community development and a career in youth work for over a decade. She recently returned to music as an avenue for improving her own emotional wellbeing, recognizing that we cannot ignore our passions in life if we're going to be at our emotional best. She now runs her creative business, Marisa Imon, LLC, full-time in the southern New Hampshire /Vermont area of the United States.

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