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Lee Triffon


Lee Triffon is an Israeli-born artist, songwriter, producer and composer who delights in mixing concepts and bending genres, from early prog-rock and melodic EDM to ethereal and futuristic sounds.

Triffon’s exposure is diverse, with music featured at numerous film festivals, including :  SXSW (USA); EXIT (Serbia); Primavera (Spain), Popkomm (Germany), Jue Festival (China), CMJ (USA), Culture Collide (USA), and Tune In Tel-Aviv (Israel).

Lee’s production music is featured in shows such as ABC’s hit drama, How To Get Away With Murder and Marvel’s’ Runaways on the Hulu network. Acknowledgement  of Triffon’s work can be found in LA Weekly, V Magazine, NY Times, and many more.

“Her sound can be aligned with greats like Flume, FKATwigs, Bjork and Lykke Li. It’s time for you to find out more about Lee Triffon as well as lay your eyes and ears upon her music…” – Dark Beauty Magazine

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