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Julie Kathryn


Julie Kathryn is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and sound designer  based in Westchester, N.Y.

Her self-produced solo ethereal-pop project I AM SNOW  ANGEL garnered accolades for its “fluorescent beats and emotionally charged  melodies” and “expansive dream pop gems.” Her most recent album, Lost World, is a  dystopian science fiction journey that ultimately ends in hope and redemption. Lost World reviews in the media draw a wide range of comparisons, from “Kraftwerk” to  “Karen Carpenter piloting an interplanetary spacecraft.”

Julie regularly designs audio sounds and midi presets for music software companies  such as Ableton, Cherry Audio, and Output, and she has released several signature I  AM SNOW ANGEL sample packs through Bandlab and Splice. In addition, she co founded Female Frequency, a collective dedicated to empowering women in the  music industry.

Listen to more of Julie’s work on Spotify and other platforms, under the artist name I Am Snow Angel.

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