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Christa Duggan


Christa Duggan is a Boston-based composer, conductor, and arranger from Fort Lauderdale, Florida whose music can be described as contemporary classical and experimental. Her musical background includes classical training and private instruction in composition, percussion, and piano. She has composed for a variety of instruments and ensembles, ranging from solo to orchestral works, with each piece exploring boundary-pushing soundscapes. Her works have been performed by the Boston Conservatory Composers Orchestra, Transient Canvas, Sentient Robots, Worcester Chamber Music Society, Music for Salem Summer Festival, The Boston Conservatory's Choir, and the Boston Conservatorys Contemporary Classical Ensemble. She has also composed for multimedia and dance, and is passionate about being involved in projects that encourage the intersection of different art forms.

For the Summer of 2020, Christa was a participant of the NYU/ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop, NYU/BMI TV Scoring Workshop, and NYU/BMI Advertising Workshop. In the Fall, she will be going into her senior year continuing her major in composition and film scoring at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee. After graduation, her main interest is to compose professionally for Film, TV, Video Games, and Advertisements.

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