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Britlin Furst


Britlin Lee Furst is composer, synth programmer and vocalist for film, television and games. Britlin is an active member of the Alliance for Women Film Composers, and is also a music content creator for the prestigious virtual instrument company, Spitfire Audio.

At the age of 17, in Britlin’s hometown of New York, her voice was noticed by Grammy-award winning choral composer, Eric Whitacre, who then became inspired to create the first "Virtual Choir" (as seen on YouTube and Ted Talks). At Queens College, she hosted the first ever women’s composer concert after realizing that no such thing had existed before. Britlin continues to study under mentor and songwriting legend, Thomas Bähler, who heard her music over a decade long. Britlin. She lives in the woody California mountains with a yorkie-poo-jack rescue named Abigail (“Abby”), writing music and making movies with her husband Nathan Furst.

"Her demeanor and grace in all music industry environments, her exceptional and impressive scores, and her passion to give voice to the need for equality... Britlin is not only a talented composer and vocalist, but an influencer - in the best possible of ways. She inspires so many." - Lolita Ritmanis, Emmy Award winning, Oscar-shortlisted, and Founder of the Alliance for Women Film Composers.

"It’s always pleased me to witness how Britlin applies her newfound knowledge embodied within her inherent trust and care. Her abilities are often surprising, wrapped in a robust, collaborative spirit." - Thomas Bähler, vocal arranger and associate producer for "We Are The World", composer of “She's Out Of My Life” (recorded by Michael Jackson), and composer of music for Quincy Jones and Stephen Spielberg. 

"It's so pure, the way she sings, her face and her intention. There's nothing there but goodness." - Eric Whitacre, Grammy Award winning composer.

*Coming Soon*

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