Nathalie Bonin

A multi style violinist, Nathalie Bonin has been featured with Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, Ted Nash and Odeon, Quebec Society of Contemporary Music, Charles Aznavour, Gino Vanelli, Cirque du Soleil, as well as accompanied Stevie Wonder, Peter Cetera, YES, Bran Van 300 and Moist among others. She is the concertmaster of The Voice in Montreal and can be seen on numerous television shows. She is an A-List Montreal session musician and has recorded on over 60 albums, movie, game and television soundtracks as well as toured all over the world with numerous pop stars. Nathalie is also an active composer for the screen with numerous credits for prime-time television series in Canada.  One of Nathalie’s MPATH tracks will be performed at Lincoln Center’s Women Warriors: The Voices of Change on Sept. 20, 2019 in NYC!

Nathalie is also a daredevil and performs a gravity-defying aerial violin act that she has presented for international events.



Castle of Ireland

Inside Agitator

Chant de la Mer

Mischievous Whimsy


Free Spirit


Echoes of Antibes

Lamentation of the Lost

Strange Twilight

Waltz Back In Time

Quirky Tango

Twisted Toy Box

Tiptoeing Fruitcake

Edge of Melancholy

Transient Shadow

Dark Veil



Crooked Path

What If

Mystique Light

Tender Dismay

We Will Arrive

Good Faith

Dungeon Light

Mysterious Path

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