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Sakira Ventura's Online Interactive Map Showing Women Composers Around the World

A recent article on Classic fM article explores the 28-year-old music teacher's invention of this brilliant map that shines a light on more than 500 amazing female composers around the world and throughout history.

Sakira Ventura and Her Online Interactive Map

"The music teacher was inspired by the fact that she doesn’t remember learning about many, if any, female composers during her own music education. Something she wanted to rectify in her own student’s journey."

They don’t appear in musical history books, their works aren’t played at concerts and their music isn’t recorded. [...] I’m 28 years old and nobody ever spoke to me about female composers. I want to do what hasn’t been done for me. [...] I want my students to know that Mozart and Beethoven existed but also that there were also all these female composers.

- Sakira Ventura

Ventura's map includes living composers as well as historical figures who have often been excluded from music history, such as "the song composer, Queen Liliʻuokalani, who was Hawaii’s last monarch and the composer of over 160 songs."

This fascinating map is also a living tool as Ventura continues to build and add more female composers to the list.

Sakira Ventura

I had always talked about putting these composers on the map, [...] So it occurred to me to do it literally.

- Sakira Ventura

Explore Ventura's map HERE.

For more information regarding the teacher and creator,

visit Sakira Ventura's website

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