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Mpath Track to be performed live at the Lincoln Center - Congratulations Nathalie Bonin!

Mpath composer Nathalie Bonin's Mpath track "Tender Dismay" will be performed at the Lincoln Center in NYC on 9/20 for the Premiere of Women Warriors: The Voices of Change.

Amy Anderson, producer, director and conductor of the project, chose two compositions by Nathalie Bonin including “Tender Dismay” on MPATH music library’s “Transcendent Piano” album, distributed by APM, for a section of the concert which focuses on the horrors of "Honor Killings" of women and girls around the world.

Anderson states, "Ms. Bonin possesses a superb sense of orchestral color and texture and these qualities shine in the delicate and transparent music that I selected from her repertoire for this emotional section of the concert.”


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