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Mpath in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

After being postponed a year due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics finally took place in their full grandeur and excitement this summer.

Mpath is proud to announce and recognize the two composers whose works were featured in placements during the Olympics.

Your Team Stands With You No Matter What -SJae's Empowering Track "Wings of Fire"

Mpath Composer, Samantha Powell (known professionally as SJae), had her track "Wings of Fire" featured in a segment that was aired on NHK (Japan Broadcasting and Television Service) right before the Tokyo 2020 closing ceremony.

This segment, which focused on sportsmanship, friendship, and being there for your teammates even when they fall, was emotionally enhanced by SJae's powerful lyrics "Rise like a fighter, your wings of fire will lift you up again".

* Video rights belong to NHK Japan.

Women athletes' uniforms: Now and Then - Troy Rogan's "An Urgent Letter"

Aired on NBC Sports during the 2020 Olympics, this segment featured an honest and revealing conversation about the current uniforms of female athletes, and those throughout history.

Troy Rogan's truly urgent track provides a fitting background music which enhances the importance of this pressing subject.

* Video rights belong to NBC Sports.


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