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Kate Diaz

Kate Diaz is an LA-based composer-producer and performing songwriter, currently scoring a feature-length documentary, an independent short film, and she is co-scoring an upcoming animated TV series. She also writes commercial scores for multiple LA production music houses. 


Kate is an accomplished guitar player, has an astonishing voice, and her songs have clever lyrical content and a natural rhythmic flow.  She is endorsed by Godin Guitars and has played 300+ shows at venues across the country. Kate recently released her fifth pop/rock album TAKE 8, available on all streaming services.  She self-produced the album in her dorm room during her senior year of college. 


Kate moved to LA in June 2019 after graduating from Harvard College magna cum laude in the Social Studies honors program.  While attending Harvard, she also graduated summa cum laude from Berklee College of Music in 2017, as a guitar principal and Contemporary Writing & Production major.


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