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Kallie Marie

Kallie Marie earned her Masters in Music Production/Composition from the Leeds College of Music. In 2008 she relocated to NYC, and since then has been working as a producer/recording engineer, composer, sound designer, and author.   Kallie has worked with various artists such as Jeff Derringer, Charley Hustle, Natalie Mishell, (e)motion Picture, Ashley Hicklin, ROYST, Indirah,  January Jane, RainMKERS, and Makes My Blood Dance, and Mary and The Ram.   She also produces and writes for her own studio project/band Explosives For Her Majesty. 

Her work as a freelance composer encompasses music for Film, TV, Dance, Advertisements, Sonic Branding, as well as a keen interest in creating music for video games.  She has pitched for notable firms including Big Foote Music + Sound, and Nylon Studios. Additionally she has written music for choreographers Warren Adams and Loni Landon, among others. 

Kallie is a freelance writer for Sonic Scoop, and is also a contributing author to title(s) on Music Production published by Routledge Taylor Francis Group.  She is passionate about music, technology, electronics, art, and video games, reading, tea, fencing, ballet, and nature. 


Kallie Marie
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