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Alexandria Mueller

Alexandria (Alex) Mueller is an award-winning composer and multi-instrumentalist with a keen interest in building instruments, designing experimental performance techniques, and designing customized sounds to augment her sonic palette. Alex studied film scoring at Berklee College of Music and the Seattle Film Institute. A student of many styles, her repertoire includes everything from subtle strings and minimalist piano, to moody synth and bombastic orchestral scores. She extensively composes concert music for orchestra, wind band, and choir and has received commissions by ensembles of all ages and abilities. 


In addition, Alex is a practicing lawyer and the Chair of the Sports, Art and Entertainment Law Section of the Minnesota State Bar Association. She works with businesses of all sizes in a variety of industries including filmmakers, event vendors, musicians and performing ensembles, composers, artists, authors and game and software developers to manage their rights and maximize their market potential. Her entrepreneurial mindset and experience “in the trenches” of the entertainment industry provide a common bond with clients who put their hearts and souls into both their creative and business endeavors.


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