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Born to an ethnically mixed family, Malfunction grew up South of Chicago listening to a strange mix of pop, soul, hip hop, EDM, and avant-garde. Today he finds his musical home in distinctly of-our-time electronic music while paying homage to the greats - and the great sounds - of the past.

He’s worked on recordings or written songs for acts as diverse as Lorde, Chance the Rapper, Grandmaster Flash, Lenny Kravitz, Los Lobos, and Cher. He wrote Everybody’s Dead, the theme song for Resident Evil Biohazard, the first VR game in the hit series.  The song has over 30 cover versions on the web and cumulatively over a billion hits. He recently sold a television series based on a musical online puzzle he created to a major OTT platform. (More on this when it launches).

Malfunction plays a host of instruments, but the one he says is his main instrument is “the studio”.

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