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Lefteris Ioannou

Artist Series

Lefteris Ioannou is a deeply impassioned composer for Film, TV and Video Games, writing from the heart and for the heart, with works released by SONY-BMG, IMPACT MUSIC and UNIVERSAL-EMI.

Born in New York and raised in Athens-Greece, Lefteris graduated Magna Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA) with a BA in Guitar Performance. His ability to compose music in multiple genres led to collaborations with a number of acclaimed Greek artists. In 2015, he released his first personal album titled 1+1=ONE, with UNIVERSAL MUSIC-EMI. 

His passion for classical music drew him to film composition, further expanding his love for cinematic creative storytelling through music. In 2019 Lefteris received an MA in Scoring for Film, TV and Video Games, with honors, from Berklee College of Music (Valencia, Spain).


His approach to composition is informed by his ability to express the adventure of healing through music and the gift of building a bridge for others to give birth to their authentic self.

Lefteris is committed to self-empowerment and focuses on supporting others on their unique life path. This intention brings soulful energy and inspiration into his music.

Lefteris currently lives in Los Angeles and works in Europe and the United States.


Lefteris Ioannou
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