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Instaboyz (Bijan Olia & Aleksi Glick)

Artist Series

Born in Baltimore and living in New York and LA, Composer/Producer duo Instaboyz (Bijan Olia and Aleksi Glick) always unleash the groove. In their spare time, they search for the most succulent crabs (with Old Bay of course) and the briniest oysters.

Bijan Olia: Originally from Newton, Massachusetts, Bijan Olia once dreamt of tickling the ivories at Boston’s Symphony Hall. Through hours of scales and lack of sunlight in practice rooms, Bijan turned to composing and thus a lifelong passion was born. His love of storytelling brought him to composing for visual media. After completing the BMI Composing for the Screen Workshop, Bijan packed his bags and headed to LA to assist composer Michael A. Levine.

Since then, Bijan has composed additional music for the Freeform TV Series Siren, Warner Brothers’ Lego DC Superheroes: Brain Drain, and the virtual reality video game Resident Evil VII Biohazard. In 2017 he was selected as a fellow for the Sundance Institute Composers Lab.

Bijan also remains active in writing music for the concert hall, having completed commissions by the Oak Tree Group for Streicher, Tasti et Bizarreries (Piano Quartet with toy piano and melodica) and the Contemporary Performance Collective of Los Angeles in 2015 for Four One Oh! (a piece for two harps).

Away from the joys of music, Bijan enjoys cheering for the Boston Red Sox and fantasizing about becoming the next Jonathan Gold, through his Los Angeles food travels.

Aleksi Glick: Aleksi Glick is an award winning virtuosic guitarist and composer who draws inspiration from a wide variety of musical genres. His distinct musical voice and presence provides for a captivating listening experience.

In addition to leading and writing the music for the acclaimed funk and soul band Snack Cat, Aleksi has had the opportunity to record and play with many great musicians as well as be a part of many great projects. They include Roberta Flack, Jersey Boys (NY), Bailen, The Seth Weaver Big Band, The cast of Aladdin (NY), Paul Bollenback, J Hoard, Sam Dillon, Richard Saunders of Third Story, Benny Benack III, Stevie Mackey, Mike Glick, Erena Terakubo, Richard Saunders, The Lego Movie DC Superheroes: Brain Drain, Alita Moses, Vic Juris, Michael A. Levine, Bijan Olia, Intaboyz, Michael Blume, The Kelly Bell Band, Ed Cherry, Augie Haas, Gracie Terzian, Jenie Thai, The Silver Arrow band, Andrew Gould, Svetlana Shmulyian, The Brighton Beat and many more.

Aleksi has been a guest artist on quiet radio stations including WKCR,WVUM, WUSB, WFDU, Radio Free Brooklyn and more. Many albums he’s played guitar on and/or composed for have charted on the radio. Television appearances, including on major networks such as NBC and Fox.

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Instaboyz (Bijan Olia & Aleksi Glick)
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