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Emiliano Ferina "Teo"

Artist Series

A versatile, award-winning, and curious Italian composer, Emiliano Farina (Teolimous “Teo”) finds inspiration at home on the Mediterranean island of Sardina, between Italy and Spain, where the change of seasons are powerfully in tune with the rhythms of daily life.

Teo is drawn to orchestral and electronic sounds that evoke cinematic images, inspired by his frequent encounters with ancient ruins of lost civilizations, snowy forests, medieval castles, ghost towns and the sea –characterized by vivid, organically derived colors bathed in light. Teo’s recordings of sounds and vibrations in the field often serve as a musical backdrop, informing and transforming his compositions.

After 25 years as a keyboard player performing with popular bands, Teo began to compose music of his own. In addition to writing scripts for cinema, he studied music composition and orchestration of for films and videogames at the Vfx Wizard Academy (Rome). As an artist and storyteller, Teo works in the field of information innovation and journalism.

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Emiliano Ferina "Teo"
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